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"Hi just want to thank you for the exellent job you did in my house. Also the very friendly staff was much appriciated."

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"Hi want to thank your team for comming on such short notice. You did an amazing job thanks havent heard the rats since. "

Jaylen G

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Rodent Control in Roodepoort

Rodent Control in Roodepoort

In the last couple of years here in Roodepoort, the rodent population has been on the dramatic increase. Here at Roodepoort Pest Control we receive countless calls every year with regards to rodent control, rats and mice that causing extensive damage to stored products, furniture and electrical wiring in domestic, commercial or industrial ceilings, homes and store rooms areas in and around Roodepoort.

Rats and mice are the cause of many common and deadly illnesses and diseases such as Justinianic plague and Bubonic plague, this is to name a couple.
They carry pathogens and parasites inside and on their body spreading them to all surfaces they touch and defecate on. Many rodent species commonly found here in Roodepoort are incontinent this spreads disease throughout all their dwellings including your home or work space.

At Roodepoort Pest Control and Rodent Control Specialists here in Roodepoort we understand the health risks involved with having rodents in or around your domestic, commercial or industrial premises and therefor take all our rodent control in Roodepoort very seriously.
We have trained and experienced rodent control teams in and around Roodepoort on call 24/7 to handle any rat or mouse problem you might be dealing with.

Call Roodepoort Pest Control now for your piece of mind knowing that your loves ones are out of harms way from all the diseases and pathogens rodents here in Roodepoort spread.

Our friendly Roodepoort staff can take your calls 24 hours a day.

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